Charleston Municipal

The Hacker's Club headed down to Folly Beach, SC for a quick weekend getaway. We were meeting up with a fellow photog/golfer from the area who was going to show us around the newly renovated track. This muni has been in the Low-country since 1929, but was just renovated in 2020 with the help of Non-Profit, Friends of the Muni, for a total of 3 million dollars. This muni is not like most munis. As soon as you get out of the car you are surrounded by beautiful old trees and the quaint clubhouse with all the cool vibes. Practice area galore, we headed straight to the range. Our range session was foreshadowing into the near future. Matt couldn't get the ball in the air and I didn't know if it was going left or right. Both of these scenarios were not ideal for this golf course. Bunkers, woods, water, and sandy waste areas were everywhere you looked. It made for incredible landscape views, but our golf game suffered tremendously because of it. The course being newly renovated meant the fairways and greens were hard as a rock. The greens still have several years before full maturity, so a full wedge thrown into orbit would hardly stop on the green, and a 7 iron didn't stand a chance. If you did stop the ball on the green you had these diabolical, undulated greens with tucked pins to putt at. It took us several holes to figure out how to play the course, but it didn't matter. A shank here, a hooked drive there, we constantly found ourselves in trouble. I (Zach), hit into more bunkers than I have all year combined which made getting up and down to a hard green nearly impossible. Our host Kevin brought his dad and we played them in best ball which they ultimately came out on top by 1, thanks to the only birdie of the day by me on 18. Matt and I didn't win a hole until the back 9. Even with the course still not matured fully, this course is a must play when in the area. You better book at 7 am a week out or there is no hope. The surroundings of the course, the views, and the layout of the course are fantastic.
Hacker Scale +2
Not a very long course, but a very strategic course. Must miss bunkers and hit the ball in fairways to score. A 2 putt is a job well done. With softer greens scale possibly comes down.

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