How to NOT dress like the GOAT

Listen, I get it. Tiger Woods is considered the greatest to ever play the game of golf but come on! Not many players get to say they are inducted into the Hall of Fame of their respective sport and Tiger chose to dress like he is headed to the gym. His one and only HoF red carpet moment and he is dressed as appropriate and his preteen son, Charlie. It only leaves one question, does he have a PR team? If he has a publicist, I am positive he/she begged him to look like a million dollar man and not the meathead at my public gym. 
Thankfully he changed into a suit as we expected. The suit fit him like they had 10 sizes in the back and he found the one closest to his size. The GOAT is worth 800 million dollars and we couldn't have gotten him a custom slim fit suit for his big day? Not pictured is his tennis shoes he is wearing with this as well. Although, I low-key love the sneaker play just in case someone wants to see him hit a few wedges backstage. I personally think the sneakers would have looked better if the suit was custom fit but instead he found a good deal at the local thrift store. 
If you were able to get past his outfit, unlike me, then you enjoyed an amazing night all about Tiger. It was an incredible event and it was awesome to hear his daughter speak on him as well. It is always awesome to get some off the course action of these icons to have a slight reminder that they are a human being. 

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